NEP alerts now available through RSS

NEP (New Economics Papers) is an email service that alerts subscribers to new online working papers in their area of interest. About 80 fields are currently available, and the roughly weekly emails are sent free of charge. While the RePEc team thought email dissemination was sufficient, there also appears to be demand for RSS feeds as for this and other blogs. This is now available, and the RSS feeds can be subscribed to by clicking on the relevant field report on the NEP home page.

This new feature was added in typical RePEc fashion: David Hugh-Jones inquired with Marco Novarese why there was no RSS feed, Thomas Krichel encouraged David to set it up, and two days later, it was up.

If you think new features should be added to RePEc, we always welcome suggestions, especially if you are willing to do it yourself… much like many of the available NEP editors have been volunteers who just wanted a particular field to be covered.

6 Responses to NEP alerts now available through RSS

  1. lambert says:

    It’s great to see this advancement! But the feed items seem to lack any structured bibliographic data (author name etc.). Just compare a newsletter archive page like this one: with the corresponding feed item

  2. Lambert, this type of data is already included in the XML data for the RSS feeds. It is an issue about some readers using it (Google reader), and others not (Firefox).

  3. There seems to be more papers in the reports than in the RSS feeds. Is that normal?

  4. If you can provide us with some precise examples, we can look into it.

  5. Sorry for the long time in replying. For example, the latest NEP-Microeconomics has 14 items. In my feed, I can only see 2. I much prefer RSS to see the reports, and the others right now seem to work fine. Thanks!

  6. You are pointing to two different NEP-reports. But even if I look at the two, I see no missing items in the RSS feeds.

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