1 million works available online through RePEc

November 26, 2011

RePEc is about the facilitation of the diffusion of research in Economics. It does this through an open bibliography, which allows anyone to have its works listed, and anyone to use the bibliography. But of course, this is more powerful when the works are not just listed, but also available online with a direct link.

RePEc has now links to over a million works covering Economics and Finance, about half of which are in open access. While a majority are from journals (61%), online working papers are much more popular. While an article is download on average once every two months, working papers are downloaded close to once a month.

PS: RePEc volunteer and NEP-OPM editor Martin Berka is about to start a month-long rowing expedition from Sydney (Australia) to Auckland (New Zealand). You can follow the progress of his team here.

RePEc in October 2011

November 4, 2011

The highlight of the month is the RePEc Author Service, which has recently welcomes its 30,000th registered author, and continue to get more at a never decreasing rate. Also, the service recently moved to the Economic Research Division of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, which provides hardware, hosting and maintenance.

We also welcome new RePEc archives: University of Hyogo, University of Chicago, African Studies Center, Universitat Jaume I, Chung-Ang University, New York State Economics Association, International Microsimulation Association, Teagasc, University of Sydney (II), Hiroshima University, Universidade de São Paulo, Weissberg SRL.

Finally, these are the thresholds we reached:
200000 papers with references
30000 registered authors
5000 online books