30,000 authors now registered with RePEc

October 29, 2011

We are continually amazed at how RePEc has grown since its inception in 1997 (with a precursor stating in 1992). One example is that we now have 30,000 authors registered with the RePEc Author Service, averaging 23 listed works each. If we can call this a community, it is the largest in the profession, as it outnumbers the membership of the largest societies in Economics combined. It is also remarkable, that only 1% of the accounts have expired email addresses, showing that authors maintain their entries. This does not include the small but unfortunately growing number of deceased authors.

This is also a good opportunity to mention that the RePEc Author Service is now hosted by the Economic Research Division of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. We are currently working on a few innovations that will make the service more useful to the profession as well as facilitate its maintenance.

RePEc in September 2011

October 4, 2011

We welcome everyone back from the Summer slumber, as traffic is on the increase again at RePEc: 607,566 file downloads and 2,172,027 abstract views. While these numbers are lower than for September in recent years, this is due to the gradual tightening of what is considered a unique and valid abstract view or download by a human as we keep refining these criteria to prevent fraud and abuse.

Over the past month, we also welcomed a series of new participating archives: International University of Japan, Universidade Federal da Paraíba, Società Italiana di Economia dei Trasporti e della Logistica, Fundación ARU, Pro Global Science Association, Universitatea de Vest (Timisoara), Bucharest Academy of Economics Studies (III), Universidade de São Paulo.

Finally, RePEc reached a number of thresholds:

240,000,000 abstract views
1,111,111 indexed items
666,666 items listed in author profiles
350,000 cited items
333,333 articles with abstracts
200 book series