RePEc in August 2021

September 6, 2021

What is new at RePEc? IDEAS now leverages for page annotations on the site. We welcomed new participating archives: Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, Association for Promoting of Women in Research and Development in Africa, Weik Press, African Economic Research Institute, INET Oxford, Hungarian Ministry of Finance, Intellectual Edge, Creative Space Association. We counted 389,390 file downloads and 3,239,797 abstract views in August 2021. Finally, we reached the following milestones:

8,000,000 downloads through NEP
7,500,000 book chapter abstract views
3,400,000 items available online
1,800,000 items in author profiles

Annotate IDEAS pages with

September 2, 2021 is an open-source, open-access annotation tool for the web. IDEAS is now optimized for use.

With a user account, you can now navigate IDEAS and highlight text and leave comments for yourself or others. The service has three modes: private (annotate just for yourself), private group (for a research team, a reading group, or a classroom), or public (anyone can see your annotations). Annotations can include tags, links, images, and even LaTeX formulas. Moderators check on comment suitability.

The functionalities can be accesses though browser plug-ins (Google Chrome, others), a proxy site, or through integration in a learning management system (LMS). All use is free, more advanced features or support are available for a fee. Here is a quick-start guide.