NEP: Dissemination of new research through email and RSS

September 26, 2010

NEP (New Economics Papers) is a free, email-based service that disseminates weekly new working papers appearing in RePEc, currently 300-500 a week. It has 85 different, field-specific mailing lists, each managed by a volunteer editor who determines which papers are relevant for his/her field, with the help of an expert system.

So far, 150,000 papers have disseminated in about 30,000 reports, each paper being on average presented in two different reports. The subscriber base is close to 30,000 people, with over 60,000 subscriptions. NEP also offers RSS feeds, as well as some blogs discussing research (see sidebar). Of course, as everything in RePEc, everything is free and supported by volunteers.

We encourage you to use these services, and also to volunteer to help with running NEP, for example, if your field is not yet covered. NEP is currently headed by Marco Novarese and hosted by SUNY Oswego. Thomas Krichel and William Goffe offer technical support.

RePEc in August 2010

September 7, 2010

RePEc emerges from the Summer slumber with good news: we now have over 300,000 working papers and over 500,000 articles that are available online. 620,546 file downloads and 2,117,208 abstract views have been recorded. We welcome the following new archives into RePEc: University of Tokyo (II), Editura Lumen, INRA Dijon, National Bank of Slovakia, Fonds pour la Recherche en Ethique Economique, Indus Institute of Higher Education, Edizioni del Mulino, IDATE, University of Hawaii (II), Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Regulation2point0.

Finally, the thresholds we passed during the last month are:
3000000 cumulated software abstract views
500000 online articles
300000 online working papers
25000 registered authors