RePEc to sponsor football team

April 1, 2016

TeamREPEC Photo by Mustapha Ennaimi

A year ago, we introduced on this blog a way for RePEc to raise some funds by letting registered economists pay to get citations boosts for the ranking statistics. This has proven to be excessively successful to the point that we are in the position to use some money for a purpose that may not appear to be a core function of RePEc: sponsoring a football club (a soccer team for Americans in the audience). This is not some random act of sponsoring, as we answered a call from FK Řepeč-Opařany, a club playing at various levels of the Czech football leagues, which was looking for some help for its facilities.

Pictured above is the elite team sporting their new shirts emblazoned with the RePEc logo. They will play throughout the Czech Republic, making the public aware of the great things we do at RePEc. If you happen to run across them, make sure to encourage them!

Baseball World Series

October 28, 2007

Many of our US based readers follow the baseball World Series between the Boston Red Sox and the Colorado Rockies. Major League teams typically have affiliated teams in lower leagues where prospective players try and dream to qualify for the big team. The Colorado Rockies have such a team in Asheville (North Carolina), and its roster includes Matthew Repec at third base…