The blog has moved to a new host

Due to chronic problems with DOS attacks and spamming that have crippled several times the host server, the RePEc has now moved to a new host. It is still available under the old address, but no more under the alternative Also, the addresses within the blog have all changed, which breaks deep links. Finally, old RSS feeds may still work as they are redirected, but it is safer to recreate them.

Users who created accounts at the old location will have to create new ones, unless they have already one on WordPress. I am very sorry for the trouble, and especially for the violation of the RePEc principle that links should never break. But I think we now have a permanent home for this blog and this should not happen again.

2 Responses to The blog has moved to a new host

  1. As readers may notice, a few things are not working correctly after the move. They will be fixed as time permits.

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