RePEc present at ASSA meetings in Atlanta

November 27, 2009

For the first time, RePEc will have a booth in the exhibition hall of a major meeting of economists. This will be January 3-5, 2010, in Atlanta, at the annual meeting of the Allied Social Sciences Association. ASSA encompasses, among others, the American Economic Association, the American Finance Association and the Econometric Society. About 8000 economists attend this meeting.

Meet us at booth 509-B (towards the back of the hall) in the International Hall of the Atlanta Marriott Marquis to chat with RePEc volunteers, ask questions or make suggestions. We will offer advice on how to set up a RePEc archive so that your institution can also participate in the wider dissemination of research that RePEc promotes, along with over 1100 others. Documentation will also be available.

This RePEc booth is sponsored by EconLit.

Keeping RePEc participants in the loop

November 21, 2009

Over 12 years, RePEc has grown to a large community, with 1100 participating archives and over 22000 registered authors. But a community like this is only useful if it is dynamic: participants participate and users use it. It is easy to register and then forget about it. This is why archive and series maintainers, editors and authors get every month an individualized emails as a reminder that they are part of the community, as well as individualized news about their participation.

For editors, archive and series maintainers, the email contains the latest statistics about their publications: downloads and abstract views, impact factors, error message about the syntax of their templates, the URLs of the full texts, or our attempts to reach their data. Maintainers may as well get messages in between if some issues arise.

For authors, monthly emails also contain downloads and abstract views, as well as any new citations discovered by the CitEc project. Also, the email contains a personalized link leading to a ranking analysis of the author according to over 30 criteria. Authors also get separate emails alerting them of potential works they can add to their portfolio.

Keeping regular contact with participants is essential to ensure continued alertness about the project and to keep the collected data as fresh and accurate as possible.

CitEc machine moves

November 11, 2009

On 2009-11-10, the Instituto Valenciano de Investigaciones Económicas took over mutabor, the machine that makes CitEc, from the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. The RePEc community is grateful to Fernando Ferrer, who helped running the machine at the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia. We cheer Rodrigo Aragón Rodríguez who will be helping to maintain the machine at its new location.

CitEc is the citation analysis project within RePEc. At the time of this writing, it has analysed 230.279 documents, finding 5.130.205 references and 2.176.994 citations. The software side of the project is maintained by José Manuel Barrueco Cruz.

RePEc in October 2009

November 4, 2009

This way again a very busy month, with 878,635 file downloads and 3,199,663 abstract views, which are numbers close to records. We also had 16 new particpating archives: Unversité d’Orléans, Finanzas Púplicas México, “Constantin Brancusi” University of Targu-Jiu, BEPress (II), University of Bacau, Ryerson University, Tblissi State University, Seoul National University, Athens University of Economics and Business, University of Manchester (II), Imperial College, Universté Catholique de Lille, ETH Zurich (IV, V), Towson University, European Commission Joint Research Centre.

In terms of thresholds passed, we report:

30000000 cumulative downloads through IDEAS
750000 cumulative software component downloads
450000 works listed in author profiles
300000 cumulative chapter downloads
1100 participating archives