Keeping RePEc participants in the loop

Over 12 years, RePEc has grown to a large community, with 1100 participating archives and over 22000 registered authors. But a community like this is only useful if it is dynamic: participants participate and users use it. It is easy to register and then forget about it. This is why archive and series maintainers, editors and authors get every month an individualized emails as a reminder that they are part of the community, as well as individualized news about their participation.

For editors, archive and series maintainers, the email contains the latest statistics about their publications: downloads and abstract views, impact factors, error message about the syntax of their templates, the URLs of the full texts, or our attempts to reach their data. Maintainers may as well get messages in between if some issues arise.

For authors, monthly emails also contain downloads and abstract views, as well as any new citations discovered by the CitEc project. Also, the email contains a personalized link leading to a ranking analysis of the author according to over 30 criteria. Authors also get separate emails alerting them of potential works they can add to their portfolio.

Keeping regular contact with participants is essential to ensure continued alertness about the project and to keep the collected data as fresh and accurate as possible.

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