RePEc in September 2011

We welcome everyone back from the Summer slumber, as traffic is on the increase again at RePEc: 607,566 file downloads and 2,172,027 abstract views. While these numbers are lower than for September in recent years, this is due to the gradual tightening of what is considered a unique and valid abstract view or download by a human as we keep refining these criteria to prevent fraud and abuse.

Over the past month, we also welcomed a series of new participating archives: International University of Japan, Universidade Federal da Paraíba, Società Italiana di Economia dei Trasporti e della Logistica, Fundación ARU, Pro Global Science Association, Universitatea de Vest (Timisoara), Bucharest Academy of Economics Studies (III), Universidade de São Paulo.

Finally, RePEc reached a number of thresholds:

240,000,000 abstract views
1,111,111 indexed items
666,666 items listed in author profiles
350,000 cited items
333,333 articles with abstracts
200 book series

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