RePEc in July 2008

While the Summer is usually calm, RePEc has just passed some historic benchmarks in terms of content and traffic: 750 journals listed, 2000 working paper series, half a million works available online, 20 million working paper downloads recorded, 200,000 works that are cited within RePEc. This all reflects the tremendous growth that RePEc continues to enjoy.

New contributors to RePEc during the month on July were: University of Petrosani, University of Sussex, University of Trento, Hanseatic University, Institute of National Economy (Romania), University of Wisconsin Press, TOBB University of Economics, Asociación Española de Contabilidad y Administración de Empresas, European Commission (DG Taxation), and University of Chile.

This month’s traffic numbers were 595,349 file downloads and 2,407,502 abstract views for those RePEc services that provide statistics: EconPapers, IDEAS, NEP and Socionet. These numbers are filtered for multiple downloads, robots and other “unusual” behavior.

Finally, let’s see all the thresholds that have been beaten, an impressive list for a single month:
20,000,000 cumulative working paper downloads
2,000,000 cumulative software component abstract views
500,000 works available online
500,000 cumulative chapter abstract views
333,333 works listed in registered author profiles
200,000 works with citations
125,000 article abstracts
125,000 JEL coded items
17,000 registered authors
2,000 working paper series
1,250 books listed
1,000 books available online
750 journals

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