Promoting academic blogs in Economics

Previous discussion on this blog (1, 2) covered the issue of peer review of new research, in particular now that the Internet has become such a predominant medium of communication. One way in which peer-reviewing could work is through blogs, wherein in a blogger discusses a paper and lets others comments on the paper (and the discussion).

Currently little of this is happening in Economics, as blog are much more focussed on discussing current events and each other. To promote the more academic blogs, and to encourage others to open such academic blogs, I just created the Econ Academics Blog, which aggregates those blogs that fit somewhat these criteria at this point. The Econ Academics Blog does not have blog discussions about research, but rather links to them. I hope people will find it useful as a portal and use it on a regular basis to find interesting discussions of academic nature, and that more appropriate blogs will be created.

One Response to Promoting academic blogs in Economics

  1. […] 17 08 2008 C. Zimmermann (RePEc Blog) a lancé Econ Academics Blog, un portail servant à rassembler et à mettre en valeur […]

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