RePEc in March 2012

The big news this month is the launch of a new RePEc service, CollEc, which analyzes co-authorship networks within RePEc. Data from CollEc is now also integrated in author rankings. Furthermore, IDEAS now links back to any Wikipedia article mentioning a RePEc page (details). And the RePEc home page was redesigned. Watch this space, more initiatives are on the way.

We counted 684,729 file downloads and 2,385,381 abstract views through reporting RePEc services. We also welcomed the following new participating RePEc archives: Cornell University (II), Central European Labour Studies Institute (CELSI), ISTIEE, Universidade de Vigo, Kammer für Arbeiter und Angestellte für Wien, and Okan Üniversitesi.

Finally, we passed the following thresholds:
150000000 cumulative working paper abstract views
300000 JEL coded items
40000 registered people

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