Upcoming changes to rankings

The RePEc rankings are among the most visited pages of any RePEc service. While most of those rankings are still experimental and in some cases quite volatile (mostly due to incomplete citation data and not everyone being registered), they have proven to be extremely popular in the profession. While it is generally a bad idea to change definitions in the computation of rankings, sometimes there are good reasons to make adjustments or include more information. Two such changes will happen starting with the next release early April.

User-supplied weights for multiple affiliations

Authors with multiple affiliations currently have their scores distributed across affiliations for institutional rankings. The same applies across the geographic regions associated to each affiliation for the author rankings within regions. This is not going to change. But now that authors can set these weights themselves, author-supplied ones will be used if present. If not, the weights will continue to to be determined according to a formula that is supposed to determine the likelihood of a particular affiliation being the main one. In short: if you have multiple affiliations, set the weights yourself and the rankings will now take it into account.

Two new criteria for authors

The two rankings provided by CollEc, which measure how central an author is in Economics by looking at co-authorship networks, are going to be included for authors. As this concept is not well defined for institutions and regions, it will not be applied for those rankings. As the CollEc rankings change daily, a snapshot will be taken every month the day the new general rankings are produced. As not everyone can be ranked (see blog post for explanation), the unlisted will be ranked just below the last ranked author. These two new rankings will provide even more diversification to the ranking criteria.

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