New IDEAS layout rolled out

One of the main RePEc services, IDEAS, inaugurates today a new layout. The old layout was about a dozen years old and suffered from clutter, given all the new features that were gradually added to the site (and more coming). It is also designed to facilitate navigation, especially for the newcomer who may not be familiar with all the functionalities. Finally, we hope it will direct requests for corrections to the relevant people. There have also been some improvements in the invisible part of the site to make able to accommodate even more material.

As the site contains about 1.4 million pages, it is sure that there are going to be some imperfections. If you notice anything, let me know!

And another service, EDIRC, a directory of Economics institutions, is getting a new layout as well.

One Response to New IDEAS layout rolled out

  1. Oh! Please bring back the old one! New layout is really aggressive to my eyes. I am talking about awful pale-blue color and big font for the discription of paper content. Black heading for paper titles (please in bold font) is way better.

    Sorry if it is just my opinion but previous layout was perfect for me

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