RePEc in January 2012

We made much progress in RePEc, at least contentwise. There are now over 5000 series covered in RePEc, among them 3300 working paper series and 1400 journals. We welcome a series of new participating archives: University of Otago, Rosenberg e Sellier Editori, Universität Mannheim, Hacettepe University, Hogeschool-Universiteit Brussel, Centre for European Policy Studies, Versita, and Universidade Técnica de Lisboa. We counted 599,360 file downloads and 2,026,510 abstract views during the month. For articles, this pushed us over 25 million downloads. There is a new NEP report on Transport Economics. And we reached the following benchmarks:

25000000 cumulative article downloads
700000 items with abstracts
700000 items listed in author profiles
300000 items with references
15000 listed book chapters
5000 listed series

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