EconPapers and LogEc down

July 27, 2008

Two RePEc services, EconPapers and LogEc, are down since late Saturday or early Sunday. This post will provide updates on the situation.

EconPapers provides a browsable and searchable database of bibliographic entries from RePEc. IDEAS provides a similar service and can be used in the meanwhile. LogEc provides usage statistics for the listed works. The statistics will not be affected due to the downtime.

Update (Tuesday): Both services are running again, on a different machine. The same URLs are valid, but DNS servers will take a little while to understand the change of location.

Update (Friday): Both services are now running again on the original machine, which suffered a power supply problem.

Volunteer recognition: Sune Karlsson

April 19, 2008

Sune Karlsson is currently Professor of Statistics at the Swedish Business School of Örebro University. He has been involved with RePEc, as a co-founder, right from the start and is an essential part of the RePEc team, providing a large numbers of services and great expertise.

While at the Stockholm School of Economics, Sune inaugurated in 1997 S-WoPEc, the Swedish (now Scandinavian) Working Papers in Economics site. S-WoPEc was one of the founding archives of RePEc in June 1997. In 1998, he then created S-WoBA, the Swedish (now Scandinavian) Working Papers in Business Administration site. Together, S-WoPEc and S-WoBA now hold about 5,400 papers. He manages also the working paper site of the European Business Schools Librarians’ Group.

In May 2001, Sune created LogEc, which compiles usage statistics for the various RePEc services and displays them. Two months later, he added EconPapers to his portfolio, now the second most popular service displaying the data collected by RePEc.

Sune does also a lot of behind-the-scene work: a syntax checker for RePEc archive maintainers, which includes a URL checker also used for the NEP project (for which he also provided the first implementation script). He runs also the scripts that allow to recognize the different versions of the same work. Finally, he is the editor of the NEP report on Econometrics.

Without Sune’s many initiatives and his master programming skills, RePEc would not be at the point it is today.