Let the Reader Decide!

I just learned about  a new journal with a new concept that sounds interesting: Royal Society Open Science. It has a review process and will publish all articles which are scientifically sound, leaving judgement of importance and impact to the reader.

This seems apposite because printing costs and distribution costs are practically absent in the Internet age. So there is no big point in rationing publication space (that is not scarce anymore) by  “importance” or “impact”.

Unfortunately this  journal does not cover economics.

2 Responses to Let the Reader Decide!

  1. David Stern says:

    This is the same concept as PLoS ONE. Anything that is technically sound and new will be published regardless of “interest” or “impact”.

  2. Ekkehart Schlicht says:

    Thanks! I did not know. As I see, they cover economics! Perhaps my university has even a contract with them.

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