Introducing the RePEc Genealogy

A new RePEc service is born, the RePEc Genealogy, which collects and displays the academic family tree for economics. This is a crowd-sourced initiative, which means that any person registered with the RePEc Author Service can contribute information about oneself and others: institution and year where the terminal degree was obtained, advisor, and possibly students.

The collected data will be used in various ways. Currently, author profiles on IDEAS link back to relevant genealogy pages. The directory of institutions, EDIRC, has lists of alumni and their publications. In the future, when we have critical mass, we can use this data to properly rank young economists. Currently, we infer there start in the profession by dating their first publication. A graduation year would be more appropriate. Also, the genealogy data would also allow us to evaluate graduate departments.

Help make this service useful. You can add information by logging in using your RePEc Author Service credentials here. Thank you!

3 Responses to Introducing the RePEc Genealogy

  1. mooms says:

    Great! Will try to show Jan Tinbergen is my greatgrandfather via Kloek and Theil. What is the longest tree? Who has most grandchildren? Best, Marius.

  2. mooms says:

    Hi Christian,
    Just stumbled upon the Mathematics Genealogy Project in North Dakota. Via Per Mykland at University of Chicago, Department of Statistics. May be an idea to cooperate financially or technically? Would be great for history of econometrics! BTW, it turned out Tinbergen did not supervise Theil.
    Happy New Year!

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