RePEc in May 2012

We counted in the past month 620,959 file downloads and 2,338,668 abstract views. RePEc has also grown to include now over 1.2 million items. This growth comes in part from the following newly participating archives: Lucius & Lucius Verlag, BI Norwegian Business School, Superintendencia de Pensiones de Chile, Rivista Bancaria, Harvard University (II), University of Tokyo (II), Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, Université de Liège, Flinders University, Economics for Energy, Central European University, Hellenic Association of Regional Scientists, Southern Regional Science Association.

And last month, we passed the following thresholds:
200000000 cumulative abstract views on IDEAS
8000000 references extracted
1200000 research items listed on RePEc
400000 items with citations
100000 articles with JEL codes
5000 identified links from blog posts to research items on RePEc
2000 links from Wikipedia to research items on RePEc

2 Responses to RePEc in May 2012

  1. mooms says:

    Hi Christian, how many links to wikipedia? RePEc links could be used as quality indicators for wikipedia articles. F.x. There are two wikipedia articles on The Econometrics Journal. Ideas could link to the official one only, much in line with links from author pages to wikipedia.

  2. There are currently 2208 links to Wikipedia. This does not count links to series and journals, which do not have a good place to be listed on at the moment.

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