RePEc in March 2011

March was a productive month. The Plagiarism Committee is now officially active. We counted 891,824 file downloads and 2,961,565 abstract views over the month. And we welcomed a large crop of newly participating archives: Swiss National Bank, University of Finance and Management in Warsaw, Banco Central de Bolivia, Asociación de Economía de la Educación, Universidad Iberoamericana, Eurasia Business and Economics Society, Universidad Cristobal Colon, Université de Namur, Brandeis University (II), Edith Cowan University, Max Planck Institute for Tax Law and Public Finance, Università di Ferrara, Ekonomiaz, University of Haifa, and University of Exeter. Finally, we reached some important thresholds over the past month:

40000000 cumulative downloads on IDEAS
2000000 cumulative downloads through NEP
900000 works listed online
600000 abstracts listed
300000 working paper abstracts
1250 journals listed

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