RePEc is not a spider

We frequently get requests for inclusions in RePEc, and often these are complaints that some papers on a university department web page or a personal home page are not being picked up. RePEc is not Google. RePEc does not have a web spider that wanders the web and looks for research in Economics. I do not even think it would be possible to do so, as identifying research and Economics on an automatic basis is very difficult.

Material listed on RePEc is submitted, either by about 1200 participating archives, that each have followed our instructions, or by authors themselves at the Munich Personal RePEc Archive (MPRA). No need to send us links or papers. Just make sure your publisher participates, and if not upload your papers at MPRA (what you can in general also do for published material, see this previous blog entry).

And if you are really interested in a web spider for Economics, there is the Economic Search Engine (ESE), which uses in part RePEc data to search and index the subset of the web most likely related to Economics.

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