RePEc in February 2010

The big news this month is that we reached half a million journal articles indexed on RePEc. We counted 816,240 file downloads and 2,781,710 abstract views, statistics that now include data from EconomistsOnline. Also, the NEP service had a record number of downloads by subscribers.

We also got 13 new RePEc archives: Università Bocconi (III), Technical University Darmstadt (II), London School of Economics (III), Trinity College, American Economist, Universidades Públicas de Andalucía, Economic Research South Africa, University of Cape Town (II), Review of Finance and Banking, Einaudi Institute for Economic and Finance, Romanian Society for Economic Science, Bruegel and Université de Neuchâtel.

Finally, in terms of threasholds passed, we can report:

500,000 indexed articles
160,000 working papers with references
30,000 registered people
6,000 indexed books

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