Maintaining data in RePEc: it is up to you

RePEc allows very rapid dissemination of research. Once a paper or article has been indexed, it is available within 24 hours on EconPapers and IDEAS, and for working papers, disseminated within a week or two through NEP. But this rapid diffusion is only going to happen if the works get indexed on time in the first place. For this, over 1000 archive maintainers are in charge.

On a regular basis, we get enquiries from authors complaining that their works are not showing up and that we should do something about it. Or spider their homepage. This is not how RePEc works. Authors need to contact the respective archive maintainers to keeps listings current. Contact email addresses are provided on EconPapers and IDEAS in the series descriptions. Indeed, the respective publishers have sole authority on their listings. The same applies for any corrections to existing listings.

We also get requests from authors to correct something in their profile, like an affiliation or the listing of works. Again, authors can and should do this themselves by logging into their account at the RePEc Author Service. The only exceptions: the author has lost the password and cannot retrieve anymore emails at the address listed in the account, or the coordinates of a listed affiliation have changed. In both cases, email the RePEc Author Service administrator.

And of course, if something does not seem right, tell us. But the RePEc team has little time to address individual issues. With about 300 new works indexed a day and close to 23000 registered authors, it is simply impossible. Remember, we all do this on our spare time. You can help make RePEc better.

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