RePEc on Facebook

Following a comment made in the suggestion box, a Facebook group has been created. Apart from the usual function of such groups, users can discuss a proposed application that would allow to include some information from RePEc in their Facebook profile. If you are both a RePEc and a Facebook user, you are welcome to join.

3 Responses to RePEc on Facebook

  1. rtol says:

    I’ve long though that RePEc should adopt more social network features, including graphs of co-authors and PhD advisors.

    Facebook does this, but not very seriously.

    I much prefer while seems to be the promising new kid on the block.

    Alternatively, we could move in and take over It’s new and unformed, but the technology behind it is superb.

  2. Richard, there is currently a project going for co-authors. In fact, it has been ready for years but required hosting and some computing power for regular updates, and it seems we may have recently found a solution. You will hear about it when it is ready.

  3. abmoniz says:

    …and for those that are at Facebook, they can also “follow” this blog!

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