RePEc in September 2008

The big news for this monthly feature is that we have now topped a quarter million working papers listed in RePEc. In terms of traffic, we have recorded 675,205 file downloads and 2,704,001 abstract views on the reporting RePEc services. Note that these numbers are, as always, the results of heavy adjustements in order to count legitimate human readers.

New contributors to RePEc for the month are: Queen’s University (II), Universität Giessen, World Bank (II), Bangladesh Development Research Center, Nottingham Trent University, World Institute for Development Economic Research (UNU-WIDER), Emerald Insight, Universidad de Antioquia, Watson Wyatt Worldwide.

For the various thresholds achieved during this month, we have:
350,000 items listed in profiles of registered authors
320,000 abstracts listed
250,000 working papers listed
160,000 items with analyzed references
120,000 working papers with analyzed references
17,500 registered authors

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