RePEc in February 2008

Every month, a short summary of what happened with RePEc is sent to the RePEc-announce mailing list. I also put that message, slightly adapted, on this blog.

During this month, IDEAS moved to a new server sponsored by the Society for Economic Dynamics. It continues to be hosted by the University of Connecticut and is now located on a faster line to the Internet.

In terms of traffic, 613,984 file downloads and 2,246,241 abstract views were recorded within the month, once more significantly up from a year ago. This leads us to the thresholds we have passed this month:

40,000,000 cumulative article abstract views on all RePEc services
25,000,000 cumulative abstract views on EconPapers
300,000 items claimed by registered authors
100,000 JEL codes papers
20,000 unique subscribers in NEP
2,800 journals and series

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