A look back at 2022

RePEc proudly celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2022, 25 years of being entirely run by volunteers and providing free services to economists and people interested in economic research. We also worked over the year, with the following to show:

  • 34 publishers and other publication providers joined RePEc
  • 2,218 economists registered with the RePEc Author Service, bringing the total to 65,752 (with 1,941,046 works in their profiles)
  • We counted 21,172,731 abstract views and 5,390,781 file downloads through the reporting RePEc services
  • We expanded the RePEc services for social media users to Mastodon
  • We inaugurated a new RePEc homepage that explains better what RePEc is and does.
  • We mourned the loss of the Russian RePEc service, Socionet.
  • The over 2000 RePEc archive maintainers added: 109 working paper series, 108,111 working papers, 128 journals, 320,367 articles, 2,502 books, 20,374 book chapters, 171 software components. We now have over 4.2 million works indexed in RePEc
  • Citation extraction at CitEc worked overtime, adding references from 282,003 works.
  • The NEP editors released 2,474 reports disseminating new working papers in their respective fields of research.

Specifically for December 2022, we had two new RePEc archives: the Romanian Academy and the International Scientific Community National Science. We recorded 415,652 file downloads and 1,620,115 abstract views through , IDEAS, and NEP. And we reached the following milestones:
1,250,000 book downloads
200,000 indexed book chapters

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