RePEc in February 2012

The big news this month are the release of an upgrade of the RePEc Author Service and the new layouts of IDEAS and EDIRC. We hope this will improve the satisfaction of our many users, who were responsible for 642,216 file downloads and 2,276,448 abstract views. This leads us to the next big news: since the start, a quarter billion abstract views have been counted by the statistics-reporting RePEc services.

We also want to welcome the following new participating archives: International School for Social and Business Studies (Slovenia), University of Warwick (III), Università di Roma La Sapienza (IX), University of Toronto (III), Copernicus University in Torun (Poland), Columbia University (II), Banco Central de la Republica Argentina, Auckland University of Technology, Université d’Aix-Marseille, and St. Olaf College.

Finally, we have reached the following thresholds, and the list is long:
250000000 cumulative abstract views
25000000 cumulative article downloads
7500000 references extracted from documents
3000000 references matched with documents in RePEc
750000 item abstracts
250000 JEL coded items
200000 JEL coded papers
70000 NEP subscriptions
12500 listed institutions
10000 book abstracts
1400 participating archives

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