IDEAS now hosted at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

IDEAS, one of the main RePEc services, is now hosted at the Economic Research Division of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. It is running on new and efficient hardware also sponsored by the St. Louis Fed, and for the first time has a contingency plan in place in case of disruptions. There is also local system administration support. Other services, such as EDIRC (a directory of Economics institutions) and the RePEc Input Service are moving as well. All of them were hosted for the last 8.5 years by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences of the University of Connecticut.

The Federal Reserve bank of St. Louis is committed to providing a range of information services to the Economics profession and others interested in the economy. The flagship service is FRED, which disseminates over 20,000 data series in various formats (including customizable graphs). Other services are ALFRED (vintage data), GeoFRED (geographic representation of data), CASSIDI (banking data), FRASER (digital library of historic US banking and economic publications) and Liber8 (an economic information portal for students and librarians).

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