A few new features on RePEc services

RePEc services display the data collected through RePEc to end-users, be it through the web or email. These services constantly improve with new features. We recently reported about some that users may have overlooked. Here are some new ones:

  • On Econpapers, abstract pages now include a “share” button, which allows to easily share or save the page with hundreds or other services.
  • There are now RSS feeds for new citations, for specific articles, papers, series and journals. EconPapers and IDEAS provide links on their pages to the feeds. There are no feeds for authors, as they have been receiving this information for years through email (if registered).
  • A big part of RePEc is driven by user submissions, and here is a nice example. A script that allows to parse NEP reports, downloads the pdf files and put references in a BibTeX file.
  • Another user contribution, not new but I forgot it last time: RePEcfb, a Facebook application that allows to displays your latest works in your profile.

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