RePEc in July 2010

Over the last month, RePEc has reached major landmarks: 50 million file downloads, 25,000 registered authors and 1,200 participating archives. Monthly traffic numbers are down, with 595,637 file downloads and 1,875,579 abstract views, in part reflecting a further tightening of the eligibility criteria.

In July, the following institutions joined RePEc with a new archive: Frankfurt School of Management and Finance, Banco de Portugal, Inderscience Enterprises, Universidade Fernando Pessoa, Research Centre for Social Sciences (India), New Economic Association (Russia), Universidad de Valencia (II), and Universität Jena (III).

Finally, the complete list of thresholds reached during the month is:
50,000,000 cumulative downloads
12,500 listed book chapters
12,500 on-line book chapters
1,200 participating archives

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