RePEc Author Service reaches major mark

The RePEc Author Service has just welcomed the 25,000th author! This service allows economists to build an online profile with all the works they have authored and that are listed in RePEc. A part from having this profile displayed and linked to from individual works on RePEc services like EconPapers and IDEAS, this allows authors to obtain monthly statistics about the popularity of their works, along with new citations discovered by the CitEc project. Collected data is also used to computed various rankings. Note that the 25,000 count only includes registered people who have at least one work listed in the profile. There are about 7,000 other registrations with empty profiles from people who have either overlooked this feature or not yet published some works. A listing of all registered authors is available on EconPapers and IDEAS.

RePEc currently lists 940,000 works from close to 3000 working paper series and 1150 journals, among others, contributed by over 1200 archives. It has become the standard bibliographic database in Economics, with RePEc services recording the 50 millionth download during July 2010. All RePEc activities are driven by volunteers as RePEc is not funded.

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