Little known features on RePEc sites

Various sites display information collected by RePEc, and they do so in ways that are not always similar. In particular, there are features that may not be noticeable to the casual user. Here are some featured on EconPapers, EconomistsOnline and IDEAS.

  1. EconPapers and IDEAS allow users to download bibliographic records in various formats, such as BibTeX, RIS (used by EndNote, ProCite and RefMan), plain text or HTML. IDEAS also provides this for all works of a registered author.
  2. RePEc services link different versions of a paper and article, as long as at least one of the authors has them listed in his/her profile and the titles are close. Contact RePEc for cases where titles differ.
  3. URLs on RePEc services are permanent, and can thus safely be used for referencing.
  4. EconomistsOnline allows to dynamically refine search results.
  5. Some services have advanced search features: EconPapers, IDEAS.
  6. One can navigate EconomistsOnline in four languages.
  7. IDEAS has tools to create reading lists and publication compilations of a group of people.
  8. EDIRC lists all publications of authors affiliated with an indexed institution.
  9. EconPapers provides a syntax and URL checker for the metadata submitted to RePEc.
  10. Both EconPapers and IDEAS provide links to citing and cited papers on each abstract page.
  11. Download statistics for series, journals, papers and authors are available at LogEc.

2 Responses to Little known features on RePEc sites

  1. mooms says:

    Bibliographic records are easily imported from IDEAS into Mendeley, but EconPapers is incompatible ith Mendeley

  2. Sune Karlsson says:

    I haven’t tried Mendely myself but all the metatags they ask for at are present in EconPapers. What is it that doesn’t work?

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