RePEc in May 2010

May was a rather unusual month. Traffic has be lighter than usual, with 751,319 file downloads and 2,512,833 abstract views, but a large number of bibliographic items were added to RePEc, about 14,000. At this pace, we should be reaching a million within the year!

Also, 12 new archives joined RePEc: Swiss Economics, National Bank of Serbia, Toulouse School of Economics, University of Copenhaguen (II), Universität Basel, US Department of Justice, Kasetsart University, Center for Strategic Research and Analysis, Institutul de Economie Mondiala, University of Warwick (III), Universität Münster (II) and the European Commission (II).

Finally, these are the thresholds we passed during this past month:
1000000 book abstract views
550000 listed articles
400000 book chapter downloads
250000 articles with abstracts
24000 registered authors
12000 online chapters

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