RePEc in March 2010

Last month, participating RePEc services counted 1,001,805 file downloads and 3,425,056 abstract views. Yes, for the first time, we have over a million downloads within a month. This was achieved with record traffic at IDEAS and NEP. In particular, there have been now 150 million abstract views on IDEAS since this was counted.

We have welcomed 16 new archives: Competition Policy International, University of Maribor, Czech Econometric Society, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, EduSoft Publishing, Keio/Kyoto Joint Global COE Program, Polish Ministry of Finance, European Research Studies Journal, Feng Chia University, Osteuropa-Institut, Università Sapienza (II), Temple University, Université de Poitiers, Associazione Paolo Sylos Labini, St. Petersburg State University, Turkish Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency.

Finally, these are the thresholds we passed last month:
1,000,000 monthly downloads
500,000 items claimed in author profiles
450,000 online articles listed
12,000 book chapters listed
7,000 books listed
2,500 online books listed

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