Volunteer appreciation: Volker Schallehn

Volker Schallehn is librarian at the University of Munich, but not your normal librarian. He has always been very active in open access, the free dissemination of research. For example, he has set up the institutional archive for the University of Munich, now one of the larger ones in the world, and doing so got so familiar with EPrints that he contributed code to this open-source project, along with a German translation of its interface.

His involvement with RePEc started when we were looking for a successor to the Economics WPA, which was holding papers for authors whose institutions or publishers were not (yet) participating in RePEc. Ekkehart Schlicht had the idea to add another repository to those Volker was already managing, hoping to exploit returns to scale. Volker agreed, seeing the broader mission in this initiative. Thus in 2006, the Munich Personal RePEc Archive was born, which now houses over 11,000 works and continues to grow steadfastly.

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