RePEc in January 2010

The big news for RePEc this month is the inauguration of a new RePEc service, EconomistsOnline, provided by Nereus who also contributes a major new archive of working papers to RePEc.

In terms of traffic, we counted 760,521 file downloads and 2,629,780 abstract views during the month. RePEc has welcomed 9 new archives: CASE (Poland), Johannes Gutenberg Universität Mainz, NEREUS, Universidade de Concepción, RSconsult, FrancoAngeli Editore, INFER, Agency for Economic Analysis and Forecasting (Bulgaria), Technological Educational Institute of Kavala

And finally, the thresholds reached during the month:

120,000,000 cumulated working paper abstract views
850,000 items listed
400,000 working paper announcements sent through NEP
333,333 working papers listed
275,000 working papers online
250,000 working paper abstracts
120,000 working papers with citations
4,000 series and journals listed

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