RePEc in December 2009, and a look back at 2009

And another year came to a close, with RePEc celebrating 1/8 of a century since its founding. But let us first have a look at we was done in the last month. We welcomed 8 new archives: Colegio de economistas de A Coruna, Universidad de Oviedo, Revista de Economia Aplicada, National University of Ireland, Galway, Certified General Accountants Association of Canada, George Zane Institute for Economic and Social Research, China Agricultural University, Basque Centre for Climate Change. Despite this relatively small number of newcomers, over 11,000 new works were added, bringing up the number of listed full texts to over 700,000. Traffic was also high for December, with 714,638 file downloads and 2,519,682 abstract views.

As for 2009, what have we achieved? 150 new archives, 142,000 newly listed works (+21%), of which 133,000 are available online (+23%), 4,000 new registered authors (+22%). I would argue this is tremendous growth for a project that is already 12.5 years old. We started a research blogging initiative, introduced a Facebook application. We counted 9,540,461 downloads and 34,024,922 abstract views.

And let me conclude with the thresholds attained during the last month:
1,000,000 chapter abstract views
700,000 listed full texts
275,000 cited items
200,000 cumulative book downloads
5,000 listed books

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