RePEc in March 2008

March is typically a month where all traffic records are beaten on RePEc. Well not this month, but we were close: 694,988 file downloads (less than 3,000 short of the record) and 2,675,511 abstract views (record). The fact that Easter fell in March this year probably has something to do with this. We can thus look forward to a glorious month of April! But we should not be too disappointed, as there is now a RePEc application on Facebook. Look for a big blue letter “R” in the applications menu of your Facebook account.

An uncharacteristically low number of new RePEc archives opened last month, four: Princeton University Press, the Department of Economics at University of Auckland, the Department of University of Malaga, and the Institute of Local Public Finance, Germany. As for the thresholds passed during the last month, we have:

6,000,000 cumulated downloads through EconPapers

3,000,000 references extracted

1,250,000 citations found

175,000 online working papers

140,000 items with references

100,000 cited articles

2,000 listed book chapters

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