RePEc in January 2008

Every month, a short summary of what happened with RePEc is sent to the RePEc-announce mailing list. I also put that message, slightly adapted, on this blog.

The RePEc Author Service was unfortunately down for 10 days. We hope this was only a temporary problem, and full functionalities will be restored soon. The RePEc Blog was very helpful in keeping user abreast of the situation.

Contentwise, a notable addition has been the complete listing of the Journal of Political Economy, starting in 1893. In terms of traffic, 552,272 file downloads and 1,946,427 abstract views were recorded within the month, significantly up from a year ago. This leads us to the thresholds we have passed this month:

90,000,000 abstract views on IDEAS
450,000 online items
275,000 paper announcements through NEP
175,000 items with citations
170,000 online papers
170,000 papers with abstract
80,000 papers with citations
30,000 articles with references
900 books online

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