RePEc in December 2007, and what we have done over Year 2007

Every month, a short summary of what happened with RePEc is sent to the RePEc-announce mailing list. I will also put that message, slightly adapted, on this blog.

The major event this month is that we passed to three important thresholds: 15,000 authors, 80% of the material now online, and 1/8 billion abstract views. For some hints at what 15,000 authors represent in the Economics profession, see elsewhere on the blog. Also, we have now released rankings for the most cited recent papers and articles.

As year 2007 is now over, we can reflect on what RePEc has achieved over that year. 158 archives were added, and the total of currently 844 archives have added 108,000 bibliographic items to RePEc, a 24% growth, with 240 new working paper series and 130 new journals. 105,000 new items are online, a 31% growth. 3,500 authors registered, almost ten a day, a 30% growth. Citation analysis coverage increased by 39%.

In 2007, we added also a few new features:

  • Compilations by institutions of all publications from affiliated and registered authors (find institutions on EDIRC)
  • Customized publication compilations: by defining a list of authors or by creating a reading list
  • Registered authors can now manage citations at the RePEc Author Service: delete erroneous ones and approve citations that were deemed dubious matches.
  • Rankings have been improved with more criteria, with rankings within fields and with citation rankings for recent items only.
  • The RePEc blog was inaugurated.

Finally, RePEc celebrated its 10th year in its current form. I think this was an impressive year, and I am looking forward to an even better year 2008!

In terms of traffic, December is expectedly calmer, but we still managed record numbers for the month: 1,822,061 abstract views and 504,315 downloads. This leads us to the thresholds we have passed this month:

125,000,000 cumulative abstract views
275,000 online articles
130,000 items with references
15,000 registered authors
1,900 working paper series
80% of all items available online

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