RePEc in October 2007

Every month, a short summary of what happened with RePEc is sent to the RePEc-announce mailing list. I will also put that message, slightly adapted, on this blog.

Two new items this month: first we now have a blog, at where we discuss issues relevant to RePEc and the Economics community in general. Second, we now attempt to classify authors by fields. See results at

Coverage has tremendously increased this month fuelled by 15 archives and the old archives: over 34,000 new items are now listed. Traffic was also very high, setting records on several servers. Total traffic was 642,109 file downloads and 2,280,187 abstract views.

Quite obviously, we passed a few thresholds under these circumstances:

120,000,000 cumulated abstract views
400,000 items with download
300,000 articles listed
250,000 articles with download
90,000 distinct papers announced through NEP
75,000 papers with citations
17,500 NEP reports
1,750 chapters listed

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