Welcome to the RePEc blog

The RePEc team is opening today this blog with several goals in mind.

  1. Give us the opportunity to explain how RePEc works and what we do.
  2. Discuss some of the policy decisions we need to take.
  3. Give you the opportunity to comment and give us feedback.
  4. Expand to a wider audience some of the discussions we have within the RePEc team.
  5. Give you the opportunity to participate in our exciting project in whatever capacity you propose.
  6. Make people aware of some of the developments in the profession or in the Open Archive movement that are relevant to RePEc and its community.
  7. More generally, discuss the dissemination models for research in Economics and related fields.

It is not our intention to have a new post on a daily basis. We do not want this blog to become a burden as we scratch our heads finding new topics to write about. We want this blog to be useful for all parties. So watch this space on a regular basis and help RePEc improve!

One Response to Welcome to the RePEc blog

  1. The blog is now fully configured. One last issue remains: the address of the blog is https://blog.repec.org/, but this is not what shows in the address bar. Kit Baum (Boston College), who kindly volunteered to install the blog, is working on this.

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