RePEc Author Service getting upgraded

December 30, 2015

The RePEc Author Service is currently unavailable due to scheduled downtime. We are moving it to new hardware. The process should not take more than a few hours. Updates will be provided here.

Update: The service is back online. If you notice something amiss, please notify the administrator at this email address.

Server downtime on Saturday May 2, 2015

May 1, 2015

The RePEc services based at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis will not be accessible starting around 7am CST (12:00 GMT) to perform necessary maintenance. This pertains to the RePEc Author Service, IDEAS, EDIRC, RePEc Genealogy, RePEc Biblio, RePEc Input Service, RePEc Plagiarism Committee, EconAcademics and QM&RBC. All other RePEc services will be available as usual.

Updates will be provided on this blog.

7:08 am CDT: web servers are offline as scheduled

7:55 am CDT: web servers are back up

RePEc at ASSA 2013 in San Diego

November 28, 2012

After three years, RePEc will again be present in the exhibitors hall of the Allied Social Sciences Associations (ASSA) meeting in San Diego 4-6 January 2013. While in Atlanta we had an isolated booth in the back with just a table and some simple printouts as backdrop, this time the booth will be more appealing to visitors. Indeed, RePEc will be part of the double booth of the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis (booths 315 and 317). The St. Louis Fed is there to promote its publications and its powerful database and graphing facility for economic data, FRED. The RePEc corner will be available to answer questions from users, provide demonstrations of RePEc features and welcome feedback. And there may be a gift for visitors…

Statistics delay

January 1, 2010

The December 2009 statistics, as well as a look back at 2009, will be posted a few days late, as we are attending the ASSA meeting in Atlanta. Stop by at our booth in the exhibitors hall to say hello and discuss about RePEc.

NB: the monthly emails to authors, editors and series maintainers will also be delayed by a few days.

Delay for RePEc statistics

December 3, 2009

Due to electrical work at the computer center of Orebrö University where the Econpapers and LogEc web sites are hosted, there will be a delay in computation and display of monthly RePEc traffic statistics. As a consequence, the monthly mailing to registered authors, to editors and the RePEc archive and series maintainers will be delayed a few days as well. The web sites will continue to be in operation as a static copy will be hosted for a few days elsewhere.

Service downtime on Saturday

May 16, 2009

The following RePEc services will not be available Saturday morning (US East Coast time) due to power upgrades at the University of Connecticut server room:

Update: All services but the RePEc Author Service are up. The latter has issues with a software update that was also operated.
Update 2: All services now seem to to be fully operational. Please report any problems.

EconPapers and LogEc down

July 27, 2008

Two RePEc services, EconPapers and LogEc, are down since late Saturday or early Sunday. This post will provide updates on the situation.

EconPapers provides a browsable and searchable database of bibliographic entries from RePEc. IDEAS provides a similar service and can be used in the meanwhile. LogEc provides usage statistics for the listed works. The statistics will not be affected due to the downtime.

Update (Tuesday): Both services are running again, on a different machine. The same URLs are valid, but DNS servers will take a little while to understand the change of location.

Update (Friday): Both services are now running again on the original machine, which suffered a power supply problem.


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